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Community Care

If you need advice or want to contact us please use our contact form which you can find here.

If you are experiencing problems trying to secure appropriate care and support services, if you have any best interest or mental capacity law issues or if you require help with a Court of Protection (welfare matter) please contact us for advice via the Contact Form on this website or call 01924 663 549.

This video shows what type of issues we can help with.

What is community care law?

This area of law helps clients with specific needs to access appropriate care and support services provided by local or health authorities.

It can help children and adults as well as any carers they may have.


The types of problems we can assist with

This list is not exhaustive but includes the following:

  • Obtaining an appropriate care assessment
  • Once an assessment has been completed, securing appropriate care and support services
  • Issues regarding direct payments/personal budgets/charges for care and support services
  • Accessing appropriate aids and adaptations within a person’s home
  • Disputes regarding whether a person should receive children or adult services, usually in an immigration context where a person’s age is being disputed

We can also deal with issues relating to a person’s mental capacity under the Mental Capacity Act 2005, such as:

  • Deprivation of liberty issues
  • Best interest decisions


How you can access our advice

We have a contract with the Legal Aid Agency to provide free legal advice and assistance to clients who qualify for legal aid.

To qualify you must undergo a financial means assessment, but generally if you are on particular welfare benefit/s or have a low income, you may qualify.

Once you contact us, we would discuss this in more detail.

The help we offer can include advice and assistance and, where necessary, representation at court.

However, in some cases, dependent upon a client’s financial means and the type of case, the Legal Aid Agency may ask clients to pay a “contribution” towards their legal fees.  Again, we would discuss this with you.

If you live in Kirklees and would like to get in touch, please see our contact page.

To begin with, we will speak to you on the phone (or someone else on your behalf if you give us permission to do so) about the type of problem you have.

If it is something we can assist you with, we can then make arrangements to meet with you to discuss the matter in more detail.


Further Information

Other organisations which may be able to help or where you can get more information are:

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