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What Our Clients Say

In 2015/16, 25,348 people received help from KCALC. Of those, 95% were happy or very happy with the service they received and 91% said that their query was resolved at their first contact.

Below are some examples of what people have said about our service.

“I felt the service that I had received was excellent. The advisor was very informative and explained very clearly all that I needed to know in order to move my enquiry along. Immediately I was given valuable information and within an hour my enquiry had resulted in a huge amount of support for my case.”

“Due to my husband’s accident, losing the business and finding myself in debt, I was in a very dark place. You were the light at the end of the tunnel that helped me and I can never thank you enough for what you have done. Once again, thank you.”

“Simply a great service to get justice.”

“Good sound guidance.”

“Well worth the visit. Good information given.”

“Excellent impartial advice clearly explained and no sales pressure.”

“Very helpful. Gave me relevant phone numbers and websites.”

“Everything was explained and the lady was extremely helpful.”

“You are excellent. Keep doing the same!”

“Was quicker and easier than expected.”

“Received some great advice to help sort out my problem.”

“Very happy with the advice I got today. More information than I expected!”

“Straight to the point and direct to what I need.”