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If you need advice or want to contact us please use our contact form which you can find here.

We now have a direct line to our debt team. Please call 01924 679732

You can also call us on our Advice Line which is Free Phone 0808 278 7896

The Money Advice Service funds our debt advice work with clients who have financial issues.

Staff work with clients to help them to review their budgets, look at the best debt strategy and deal with their creditors. We have been successful in having debts written off and we often get payments reduced or suspended.

We assist clients directly with debt relief order and bankruptcy applications and negotiating payments on a range of priority debts such as problems with rent, council tax, gas or electric arrears. If appropriate we can also assist with a referral for clients who require a debt management plan or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement.

You may be able to resolve your issue by using this free information.

To contact our service, please see our main contact page.

Further Information

Other organisations which may be able to help are:

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