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We hold a contract with the Legal Aid Agency to provide funded legal advice and help to clients who qualify for legal aid with housing problems . We can give you confidential advice about your housing issue, speak to the landlord or the council on your behalf, negotiate where appropriate or represent you at court.


Housing problems we can assist with:


·         Defend possession of your home

Where your landlord is threatening eviction from your home/ mobile site or encampment, you have received a written possession notice or court paperwork about possession proceedings or you are facing eviction by bailiffs, we can help to defend possession or apply to court to stop the eviction.


·         Getting serious health risks repaired at your rented home

If there is a serious risk of harm to your health or safety (or those you live with) caused by a problem with the condition of your rented home, we can help you take steps to get the risk(s) removed or reduced.


·         Assert your rights for rehousing as ‘homeless’

You can be legally ‘homeless’’ even if you have a place to stay if it is not reasonable for you to continue living in it. Your local housing authority (council) has legal duties towards homeless people. We can help to put forward your case for accommodation and/ or help you challenge a decision to refuse help. 


·         Getting back into your home if your landlord unlawfully evicted you

·         Stopping harassment from your landlord

If your landlord has evicted/ is trying to evict you without following the proper process, there are legal rights that you can rely on to protect you.  We take urgent court action where appropriate to force a landlord to let you back into your home, claim return of your belongings or protect you against further harassment.


·         Anti-social behaviour actions

If allegations have been made that you have engaged in anti-social behaviour and you are facing an Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction or an action to commit you to prison for breach of an injunction, we can help you to defend the case and represent you in court.


Unfortunately, due to restrictions on Legal Aid, we are unable to offered funded help with the following:


  • ·         Mortgage arrears / mortgage possession cases
  • ·         Boundary disputes
  • ·         Conveyancing, i.e. issues around the buying/ selling of property


Please note that we do not act for landlords. We act only for tenants or other occupiers and homeless persons.


How to access our advice


You may contact us by phone on 01924 663541 or by completing the contact form.

We will take some brief details from you and check if you are eligible for Legal Aid. If we are able to help, we will then make arrangements to meet you with in person to discuss your issue in more detail and provide advice. Where appropriate, we can provide interpreting services and home visits. We can offer emergency appointments when necessary.


Further information


Other organisations that may be able to help or where you can get more information are:



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